The Right Way to Wear Striped Palazzo Pants

The Right Way to Wear Striped Palazzo Pants

There’s something about striped pants that really make it look trendy, hip, fun, and fashionable all at the same time. Gone are the days when people think that striped pants are too ugly to wear outdoors. Now that palazzo pants are making a huge comeback in the fashion scene, expect to see a lot of women sporting striped palazzo pants in the streets, malls, clubs, and restaurants.

Even though striped palazzo pants are becoming popular, there are still many women who feel intimidated when wearing these striped patterns. Some women find it challenging to find the right blouse or top to pair with their striped palazzos. Usually, the striped patterns are designed to make a statement, which makes it difficult for women to pair them with their tops, shoes, and accessories. Sometimes, you only need to get the right color combination or the best pattern and design to make the outfit work for you. This article will help you choose the right way to wear your striped palazzo pants and the best outfit ideas that will make you feel and look glamorous.

Vertical Striped Palazzo Pants

The striped palazzo pants come in different patterns and colors. You can choose the vertical or horizontal patterns, depending on what outfit you want for the day. Most women prefer the vertically striped palazzo pants because they not only look beautiful but the pattern also makes you appear slimmer. If you have a plus-size figure, you should definitely go for the vertically striped palazzos. The horizontally striped palazzos will only make you appear wider, which is the one thing most women are trying to avoid.

Thin Striped Palazzo Pants

Sometimes, the kinds of striped pattern can affect your overall look. When choosing striped palazzo pants, you should try to go for the thin stripe pattern that is evenly distributed and complements with the background. The thin stripes appear more striking and elegant than the ones that sport the thicker stripes.

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Camisole With Striped Palazzo Pants

Here is an outfit idea that is simple and minimal but very attractive. It can be worn as a street outfit or as an office wear. The magic ingredient for this beautiful outfit is black camisole that can be partnered with black and white striped palazzo pants. The best shoe to wear for this outfit is a pair of blue high heels. Also, a black camisole looks very sexy and classy and shows some of your flawless skin. It accentuates your waistline, which is the perfect partner for your flowy palazzo pants.

Layered Top with Striped Palazzo Pants

A layered top means wearing a top with a jacket layered over it. This is a great way to look stylish, sophisticated, and sexy at the same time. If you want to level up your cool meter, you can try a black cropped vest top with a black leather jacket. You can pair this cool top with black and white striped palazzo pants, but it’s much better if it’s a black palazzo pant with white pinstripe. Black leather shoes would be the best match to complete the cool and dark look.

A More Relaxed and Laid Back Look with Striped Palazzo Pants

Another great way to wear striped palazzo pants is to dress down and look laid back and fresh. In order to get this relaxed look, you can wear a simple white oversized sweater or just a plain relaxed-fit white sweater. The best match for this top is black and white striped palazzo pants and a pair of sandals. If you are petite, you can try a platform heeled sandals to give you added height. This outfit is so refreshing and relaxing to look at, plus it exudes a very feminine vibe that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Fitted Tops with Striped Palazzo Pants

Many girls love wearing fitted tops, especially when partnered with palazzo pants. Since palazzo pants are flared out, it would be much better to keep your top more fitted to avoid looking baggy. Fitted top is the key to maintain a nice and balanced outfit when wearing striped palazzo pants. If you’re wearing black and white striped palazzo pants, you can partner it with a white ribbed crop halter top. To make the outfit more glamorous, you can accessorize with a gorgeous statement belt. For the shoes, you can wear heels or strappy platform sandals.

Matching Colors of the Top and the Striped Palazzo Pants

Sometimes there needs to be a cohesive look to make your outfit look beautiful and sharp. In order to do that, you should just match the color of your top with the color of the stripes of your palazzo pants. If the stripes in your palazzo pants are white and navy blue, then wear a plain navy blue colored blouse or shirt. It is also recommended to choose a brightly colored accessory, such as a handbag, to make that one color pop out.

Matching a Striped Top with Your Striped Palazzo Pants

Usually, most women would not pair their striped palazzo pants with a striped top, but with some style and creativity, you can make this work. The secret to pairing striped pants and striped top together is to stay in the same color shade. If the pants are navy blue, then the top can be sky blue or with a bluish hue. Also, you should pick two different sizes of the stripes. If the palazzo pants have bigger stripes, the top should have smaller stripes or pinstripes.

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Styling Your Black and White Striped Palazzo Pants

The black and white palazzo pants are the most popular and common design and pattern that you can find in the stores today. The best thing about the black and white stripes is that it is very easy to partner with a variety of shirts and blouses. If you’re going out for lunch with friends or having a night out with your buddies, you can keep your outfit simple and chic by wearing your black and white palazzo pants, a solid colored shirt, and a clean pair of sneakers.

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