The 10 Types of Palazzo Pants

The 10 Types of Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are wide leg pants that flare out evenly starting from the waist down to the ankle. Palazzo pants were a popular trend back in the 60s and 70s and it is making a big comeback this year. More women can be seen wearing different types of palazzo pants. There are palazzo pants that are great for evening wear, while other types look sharper when incorporated in a casual outfit. Some palazzo pants offer a more summer vibe while others provide a more elegant and classy look. Palazzo pants come in different colors and patterns, which makes it more stylish and easy to pair with your t-shirts, blouses, shoes, and other chic accessories.

Palazzo pants are often worn during the summer season, but there are women who can be seen wearing these pants during the winter. It can be worn in different occasions provided you know what type of palazzo pants to wear and how to style it. The best thing about palazzo pants is its versatility, which allows you to experiment and try out different ways to make your outfit look even sharper and gorgeous.

Here are 10 types of palazzo pants and how you can wear them.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪regular palazzo pants‬‏

  1. The Straight Cut Palazzo Pants

The straight cut palazzo pants, also known as regular palazzo pants, are probably the most common among all the palazzo pants. This is a great choice for all women because its design complements different figures and sizes. It has just the right amount of flare that goes straight down from the hips to the ankle and it has no pleats. This type of palazzo pants mostly comes in a neutral palette of colors, which makes it a perfect match for a wide variety of blouses and shirts. It is a safe bet if you are quite apprehensive about trying out wide leg pants. Like all the other types of palazzo pants, the straight cut gives pure comfort and it is mostly sold in cotton, linen, and viscose.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪Pleated Palazzo Pants‬‏

  1. The Pleated Palazzo Pants

The pleated palazzo pants can be described as elegant and ultra stylish because it showcases its pleats beautifully along its flares. When it’s paired with a nice top, the outfit can really enhance your overall look. You can usually get these pleated palazzo pants in crepe and georgette and complement them with shirt kurtas. Other stylish ideas for your pleated palazzo pants include wearing an off shoulder, A-Line Kurtis with matching earrings, or one shoulder flared top. You can also take your outfit to the next level by wearing adorning waist belts, designer watch, and a long necklace.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪palazzo pants Flared Palazzo Pants‬‏

  1. The Flared Palazzo Pants

If you want very loose and flowy palazzo pants that almost look like a big skirt, then the flared variety is for you. Flared palazzo pants are the epitome of comfort, but you would never look bad in them. However, they may not work for women with a shorter height. It is best paired with a long kurta if you are going for that ethnic look. You can also pair them with a nice tank top or a front-tie shirt. When going to the beach, you can use flared palazzo pants as a cover-up.

  1. The Trouser Style

This is the type of palazzo pants that you can wear to the office. It is classy, formal, and very comfortable. It still has some flare but it tries to resemble the traditional trousers. Instead of the usual elastic waistband in most palazzo pants, the trouser style palazzo pants have buttons. You can easily pair your trouser style palazzos with a softly printed tunic. It is best to wear them high waisted so you can look gorgeous in a satin shirt or a chiffon top. Don’t forget to wear those beautiful heels or mules to enhance your overall look.

  1. The Layered Style

Since these layered palazzo pants are very classy and stylish, you only have to put minimal effort to look elegant and beautiful. Some layered palazzos only have one layer but you can get others with two layers that can go down to your ankles. It has drawstrings on the waist or it can be elastic to properly fit you accordingly. This absolutely works for you if you want to have that chic but messy look. The great thing about the layered palazzos is that you can either dress up or dress down, depending on your mood. Most women use these layered palazzo pants for their casual or semi-formal outfit.

Casual Palazzo Pants High Waist 4 Colors

  1.  Culottes

Culottes can be best described as a flared knee-length palazzo pants. Its defining feature is its knee-length design, but you can also buy others that are calf-length. These are not gaucho trousers but there is very little difference between the two. You can buy them mostly in crepe, cotton, khadi, and other sturdy and beautiful fabrics. This is a perfect summer wear and you can pair it with your spaghetti Kurtis or short Kurtis. You can also look great in your culottes when wearing chiffon tops, tank or tunic, or a shirt with subtle colors. Don’t forget your gorgeous necklace and stilettos to complete your gorgeous look.

  1. Palazzo Pants With Slits

Side-slits are usually seen in skirts but you can actually get palazzo pants with side-slits. This type of palazzo pants is usually available in crepe, chiffon, viscose, and georgette with varying lengths of the slits. You can get calf-length, knee-length, or thigh-length slits and there are even front-side slits that add a lot of sexiness in your look. A long and flowy Kurtis with center or high side slits can beautifully complement the slit palazzo pants.

  1. Dhoti Palazzo Pants

This variety of palazzo pants is suitable for a more ethnic look. It is usually available in silk, cotton, and satin and it is pleaded going up with a wider bottom sleeve. It is best worn with shirt Kurtis, A-Line Kurtis, and short-slit Kurtis.

  1. Palazzo Suits

These are just like Salwar suits but they come with palazzo pants. The palazzo suits are becoming popular because it offers so many options for styling and it is very comfortable to wear. You can buy the embroidered palazzo suits or you can go with the ones that have subtle prints. When wearing palazzo suits, you can accessorize with boho jewelry and matching scarf.

  1. The Wrap Palazzo Pants

You may have heard or seen wrap skirts, which is most probably the source of inspiration for the wrap palazzo pants. They usually feature drawstrings that you can tie along the waistline but other new designs include buttons.

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