Palazzo Pants: How to Put on Wide Leg Trousers?

How to Put on Wide Leg Trousers?

Wide Leg Trousers are not the regular kind of pants that you just wear it for daily purpose without having any other consideration. Culottes are one form of wide Leg trousers and women are increasingly wearing it. One of the important features of these Culottes is that it is very easy to put on. According to the editor of Instyle, Charlotte Moore, these culottes are extremely easy to wear. She also said that she had already substituted her tight pants with these easy-wearing culottes. She prefers to wear the velvet material of these culottes.

Many Celebrities are adopting it

Hollywood celebrities are also appearing on the various occasion wearing this chic style of Wide Leg Trousers. Many have appeared on and off the red carpet in those wide leg trousers. This adaption of celebrities to such a comfortable outfit inspires many of the fans to follow in their footsteps. Amongst those celebs is the Allison Williamson, who has been seen in these wide leg trousers. She wore these pants in the pre-Golden Globes bash. She wore the top of pearl color jacket. These wide trousers were designed by the Stella McCartney.

Other celebrities included the Jennifer Lopez, who has appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show wearing those loose pants. She wore the Solace London wide leg trousers having the pink color. Olivia Munn was also seen in the wide leg trousers with the blue coat. She combined these pants with the sexy white top. Amber Heard has also adopted this wide attire on the London Premier of Mortdecai. She actually put on the black menswear wide pants along with the ear jacket on top. Sienna Miller also wears the khaki culottes on the streets with the grey sweater. She wore those culottes with the sandals of Pierre Hardy.

These celebrities are strongly giving an indication that these wide leg trousers are quite stylish and they love them to wear literally anywhere.

Some Guidelines to Follow

There are some guidelines that you can follow to wear these wide leg trousers.

  • If you are wearing it outside, then you can go for a cropped jacket to keep you warm.
  • Don’t ever wear the culottes or the wide leg trousers with the oversize top.
  • It is recommended to go for the high waist style and also try not to wear too loose top with that.
  • Always try to select the bold colors.
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