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Everything You Need to Know About Palazzo Pants    

Palazzo Pants, also referred to as Palazzo trousers are long trousers for women cut with extremely wide and loose leg flaring out from the waist. Palazzo trousers are famous fashion style for the summer season as these are loose and flattering in light with flowing fabrics which are highly breathable during hot weather. Palazzo pants are rarely seen during winter months however, they can be found with heavy synthetic fiber or wool as well.

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Get to Know the Brief History of Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants or trousers for women initially became a famous trend in late 1960 and early 1970s. This fashion style was actually reminiscent of cuffed and wide-legged pants or trousers that are worn by most women especially those who show fondness on the 1930s-1940s avant-garde fashions.

During 1960s, quite a few restaurants resisted the modern fashion trend through refusal to admit women wearing trousers, which is considered inappropriate by particular proprietors. This started a problem for several women who dislike wearing skirts which was the trending fashion that time. Some women therefore avoided restaurant bans by wearing Palazzo pants as evening wear.

Palazzo pants distinctively flare out more evenly from waist up to the ankle. These pants are different from the bellbottoms pants which are actually snug until these flare out from the knee. Individuals should not be confused with Gaucho trousers and Palazzo pants. The former just extends down into mid-calf length.

How to Wear Palazzo Pants

There is certainly something about Palazzo pants that makes it glamorous pants to wear. These pants look so feminine and comfy and these pants have the amazing power to make the legs appear lean, long and lovely. To look your best, consider the following ways on how to wear Palazzo pants:

  • Balance these pants with shape and structure

Palazzo pants are said to be wide and flowy so it is essential to stay short up top and fitted or else, you will appear out of balance and your outfit will look one baggy and big mess.

  • Prints vs. colors

Numerous Palazzo pants for stylish women come in vivid and bold prints and colors. If one is bottom heavy, this can really be difficult to wear. The best solution is to search for solid neutral such as black palazzo pants and them pair them with brighter or lighter top. Dark patterns with minimal contrast are also ideal if you are heavier or shorter. Chose a quiet hue in prints and ensure that the color of your top is lively to make your Palazzo pants shine.

  • Choose the Right Length

The right length is also a key to get the best look. Too short and you will look chunky and too long will make you look sloppy. Your Palazzo pants must swish as you walk but this should not be fraying or tripping over the bottoms.

Palazzo pants should also be paired with slouchy accessories. This demands such types of accessories with relaxed feel and look. Soft and slouchy-shaped bags echoing the silhouette of your Palazzo pants are perfect choices. Get rid of things that are boxy and stiff.

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